Australian Photo Expo

Australia Through the Other Eye!

Elephant Rocks Denmark WA
Scott Philippe

Oyster Bay and Seppings Lake Albany WA
Lyle Stacpoole

Kingston Norfolk Island
Glenn Budd

Lyons River WA
James Palmer

Sydney Harbour and Opera House NSW
Robert Wilson

The Australian Photo Expo

Photography - the other set of eyes!

Understandingly more people are taking an interest in photography now we are in the digital era. We have not all suddenly become experts with a big gulf still separating the professional from the amateur nevertheless one advantage with digital photography is the ablity to take hundreds of photos at very little cost and thus somewhere in the mix come up with that one shot we can be very proud of.

It can be a fascinating journey to go to a place we have never been and with the advent also of Google Earth and the thousands of on-site photos displayed we are able to visit a region almost anywhere on earth and see what a scene is like from your own computer room.

Australian Photo Expo provides a view through photography of Australian Wildlife, Landscapes and Wildflowers as well as provide an option as a source of photographs that can be used in projects from school projects to commercial and private use.

The primary purpose of the Australian Photo Expo in simply to provide a view of Australia however the photos are available to purchase. As we are not a 'stock photo' supplier we do not have a shopping cart online however you can email us requesting any photos that are available.

Our website will continue to gradually grow with services and galleries online.

Australia My Land Feature: Spectacular Kalbarri Coast Western Australia
Australian Photo Expo by Australia My Land

Australia Through the Other Eye!

Australian Photo Expo is a joint initiative of STACPOOLE INTERNET and AUSTRALIA MY LAND promoting Australian Photographers

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